ThousandLakesHotels Oy

ThousandLakesHotels Oy (“TLH”) is an independent, hospitality services, management and consultancy company. Technology, high level customer service and a fitting service concept is at the core of TLH strategy.

Sustainability, ecological choices, and green values guide decision making at TLH locations. TLH operates together with stakeholders who share these high-quality values. A healthy corporate culture enables personnel wellbeing and is reflected in service quality, customer satisfaction and profitability. Profitability is important as it enables the company to invest in the product and keep it in line with the desired service concept.



Långvik spa and conference hotel is situated in an outstanding seaside setting – just half an hour drive from the centre of Helsinki. The high standard international spa hotel offers culinary pampering moments and luxurious wellness treatments at the spa.

Approximately 3,000 square meter conference and banquet halls are easily adjustable and allow to arrange both small and large events; meetings, celebration parties, activity-oriented wellness camps and romantic weekend getaways. Långvik is particularly proud of its motivated Å-team personnel and service culture.



Tahko Chalet / PNT Active Oy is a traditional family-owned company offering a wide range of accommodation, restaurant, meeting and banqueting services at Tahkovuori. Tahko Chalet brands are Piazza, Mosquito, Golden Resort, Vietti Suites and Hotel Ukko. Piazza is the largest event and night life centre in Mid-Finland. Cervina restaurant is a high-quality restaurant inside the Piazza building. Vietti Suites and Hotel Ukko offer accommodation right at the centre of Tahko. Golden Resort is a high-quality resort 5km from the Tahko city centre with 19 large 4 fully equipped bedroom villas and main building venue which offers food&beverage services for celebrations, meetings and golfers during the summer. Tahko Chalet has been operating since 1991.

Service concept

TLH has passion and experience for managing, administrating, developing and consulting different kinds of hotel and restaurant concepts. TLH has dedicated expertise in administration, service management, developing profitable concepts and technology. 

TLH only operates with trustworthy and practise tested suppliers. TLH is a flexible operator and it can operate with different kinds of models. TLH can own part or whole of the operator business or operate it under a management contract. Regardless of the operating model, TLH always aligns operating targets with long term stakeholder objectives. High stakeholder satisfaction is a pre-requisite for long term business success.  Sustainability, longevity, high quality service in well maintained facilities and delicious food&beverage are at the core of TLH operations. 

Consulting assignments usually concern real estates which need to be completely renovated, greenfield targets or business models which need to be significantly improved. TLH has experience of operating in different kinds of real estate environments and has expertise to recommend fitting and efficient technologies and software. TLH can advise on the property floor plan, operational efficiency issues, customer flow issues, appropriate technologies and software. TLH also prepares detailed property sales level-, profitability-, sustainable rental level- and property rental yield calculations.


TLH personnel has expertise in the core parts of the hospitality industry. Technology, adaption of new programs, efficient restaurant functions, intelligent sales, service management and administration form the core know-how of our experts.

Are you interest in joining our dynamic team?

Currently we are searching for talented cooks, restaurant service personnel at all of our locations. If you are interested, please fill in an application and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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